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12286Potomac River Piney Point to Lower Cedar Point33  NM: 2017-08-12
LNM: 2017-08-08
12210Chincoteague Inlet to Great Machipongo Inlet;Chincoteague Inlet43  NM: 2017-07-29
LNM: 2017-07-18
12312Delaware River Wilmington to Philadelphia57  NM: 2017-07-29
LNM: 2017-07-18
1116AMississippi River to Galveston (Oil and Gas Leasing Areas)80  NM: 2017-07-01
LNM: 2017-06-20
11330Mermentau River to Freeport23  NM: 2017-07-01
LNM: 2017-07-04
11340Mississippi River to Galveston80  NM: 2017-07-01
LNM: 2017-06-20
11363Chandeleur and Breton Sounds46  NM: 2017-07-01
LNM: 2017-07-04
NHS521Femtebreen - Gråhuken3  NM: 2017-06-21
LNM: 2017-03-16

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