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Tide and Tidal Current Tables

Navigational information to supplement your charts

tide tidal current table

NOAA's Tide Tables and Tidal Current tables are used by mariners for navigation. These tables meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements for passenger vessels navigating in waters of the United States.

Daily High and Low Water Predictions for 270 reference ports and 6,530 stations, providing worldwide coverage are available in 4 different volumes, covering the East Coast of North and South America including Greenland, West Coast of North and South America Including the Hawaiian Islands, Europe and West Coast of Africa, and Central and Western Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Predicted times of slack water and the predicted times and speeds of maximum current (flood and ebb) for each day of the year at numerous stations are available in volumes in Tidal Current Tables on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America and Asia.

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