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11427Intracoastal Waterway Fort Myers to Charlotte Harbor and Wiggins Pass39  NM: 2020-07-25
LNM: 2020-07-14
11506St. Simons Sound, Brunswick Harbor and Turtle River47  NM: 2020-07-25
LNM: 2020-07-14
12228Chesapeake Bay Pocomoke and Tangier Sounds36  NM: 2020-07-25
LNM: 2020-07-14
12282Chesapeake Bay Severn and Magothy Rivers38  NM: 2020-07-25
LNM: 2020-07-14
18740San Diego to Santa Rosa Island46  NM: 2020-07-25
LNM: 2020-07-14
17400Dixon Entrance to Chatham Strait19  NM: 2020-07-04
LNM: 2020-06-16
11354Intracoastal Waterway Morgan City to Port Allen, including the Atchafalaya River29  NM: 2020-06-27
LNM: 2020-06-23
11411Intracoastal Waterway Tampa Bay to Port Richey24  NM: 2020-06-27
LNM: 2020-06-16
11412Tampa Bay and St. Joseph Sound52  NM: 2020-06-27
LNM: 2020-06-16
11357Timbalier and Terrebonne Bays44  NM: 2020-06-20
LNM: 2020-06-09
NHS305Skagerrak3  NM: 2020-06-16
LNM: 2020-06-16
NHS455Stavanger havn med innseilinger3  NM: 2020-06-16
LNM: 2020-06-12
11512Savannah River and Wassaw Sound66  NM: 2020-06-13
LNM: 2020-06-02
SHOM7629Petites Antilles - Partie Sud - De Saint Lucia à Grenada et Barbados2  NM: 2020-06-10
LNM: 2020-06-10

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