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Folded Nautical Charts Now Available from OceanGrafix

Trifold Charts Are Easier to Store and Use Onboard

St. Paul, MN—June 8, 2011— OceanGrafix, the first and only company to offer NOAA print-on-demand (POD) nautical charts, announced today that their nautical charts now are available in an easy-to-store folded version. The trifold charts will reduce down to just 7 inches by 12 inches, making them convenient for any size vessel.

Many mariners argue that full-size paper charts can be cumbersome to use and difficult to store onboard a boat with limited space, despite how crucial navigational charts are to boating safety. In an effort to offer boaters an alternative, OceanGrafix recently acquired an innovative folding machine that allows all of their 36-inch wide NOAA and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) charts to be available in a folded version. This smaller, more convenient format, coupled with the OceanGrafix print-on-demand technology, makes the charts an excellent safety addition to any boat—whether they serve as a complement to electronics or as an important back-up.

“For years, we’ve heard from our customers that having a smaller version of our charts would offer some convenience,” says OceanGrafix President Ron Walz. “We’re very happy to say that by securing this folding technology, we can now accommodate this request. We are dedicated to mariner safety, and we’re hopeful this will encourage more mariners to keep these space-saving charts onboard.”

About OceanGrafix

St. Paul, Minnesota–based OceanGrafix (http://www.oceangrafix.com) is the first and only company to offer NOAA print-on-demand nautical charts for recreational and commercial boaters. Working in partnership with NOAA, the company ensures distribution of the most accurate, up to date NOAA paper charts.

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